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Planting began in 2006 with an 18 acre parcel that was split between Viognier, Petite Syrah, and Malbec vines. In 2008 an additional 3 acres were planted in Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Future plantings that have been considered are Grenache, Pinot Grigio, Mourvedre and Dolcetto.

Grape Varieties


Viognier (vee-oh-NYAY) grapes produce white wines which are full-bodied and very aromatic with attractive rich mineral flavors. Once widely planted in it’s homeland of France’s Rhone region, Viognier seemed literally an endangered variety only a few years ago. Recently it has grown in both popularity and acreage and is now planted worldwide. Wine from these grapes tend to match well with spicy stir-fry, seafood, fruits and many cheeses.

Malbec Grapes

Malbec (MAHL-beck) grapes produce a red wine which has a deep violet color, soft tannins and robust fruit flavors. This thinned skin grape ripens mid-season and is popular because it provides a particular plum-like flavor component to blends. This wine should be enjoyed with dishes like stuffed bell peppers, raviolis, grilled veal or halibut, braised or roasted lamb chops, chili rellenos, and Cajun gumbo.

Petite SirahPetite Sirah (peh-TEET sih-RAH) grapes produce tannic wines with a spicy, plumy flavor and tend to be massive. Many vintners choose to blend this variety with otherwise simple, light-colored wines to give them more color, depth, intensity and tannin. The “petite” in the name of the grape is a reference to the size of the small berries which produce a high skin to juice ratio. Many people confuse this variety with “Syrah” which is also a Rhone grape but these two are not related. This wine is best enjoyed with grilled and barbequed foods, especially steak. It also pairs well with roasted chicken, pork chops and tuna.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-er-NAY SO-vin-yon) grapes are one of the most widely recognized red varieties in the world. This grape produces classic flavors like plum, black cherry and spice as well as containing hints of herb, mint, olive, cedar and anise. Cabernet wines start out dark purple-ruby in color with firm acidity, a full body and great intensity. Even though this variety is very prominent throughout the world it is actually relatively new. It came about after a chance crossing of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. Cab’s are best enjoyed with red meats, flavorful pastas, lamb, strong cheeses and dark chocolates.


** A word of advice about serving any Rhone-style wine: Decant the wine from the bottle and allow it to “breathe” for about an hour before drinking to allow the fruit to open up for better aromas and flavor.     

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