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In 2006 we planted the Tuscan varieties Leccino, Maurino, Frantoio and Pendolino with future plans to add olive oil to our product list. During the fall we will have these four varieties cold-pressed and their oil bottled and available for purchase under our Guerra Groves label.


This is a very rustic variety which is widely planted throughout the world. This type of  tree is quick to produce and resists well adverse climatic conditions. The fruit is generally  purple to black in color but it’s optimal picking time is when it’s purple to green. These olives yield 16-21% oil that is mildly fruity and delicate. It’s also low in bitterness and pungency.


The fruit of this tree is medium size (3-5 grams) and early maturing. Its highly regarded oil is delicate and not overly fruity while yielding between 14-20%.  When ripe it is purple-black in color.


Translated from Italian as “olive mill” this variety produces a very flavorful and sharp oil which is fruity, aromatic, and herbaceous. It is of medium bitterness and stability while being strongly pungent. When mature the fruit is purple-black but is best picked when it is purple and green..


Widely appreciated by growers for its high production, this variety plays a crucial role in orchard groves as an excellent pollinator for both table and oil cultivars. It has a delicately flavored fruit which is of good quality for blending. The oil content for this variety is 22-23%.

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